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We operate high-capacity shop and yard facilities in Grande Prairie, Alberta & Fort St. John, British Columbia. Our ample yard space provides for safe access to work on multiple fabrication projects and module packages simultaneously. The strategic proximity to our industrial coating facilities provide for key logistical efficiencies. These facilities, along with our state-of-the-art CNC cutting and profiling machines, reduce costs to our clients through optimized production output while achieving best-in-class workmanship

STRAIT Pipeline and Facility Construction and Maintenance


  • Structural Supports
  • Platforms, Stairs, Ladders
  • Tower Bases, Tank Bases, Stiffener Plates, and Pile Caps


  • Pressure Piping Fabrication
  • Spool Fabrication, replacements and Pressure Testing
  • Carbon Steel and Stainless Steel Piping
  • Vessels – New Construction / Repair / Alteration


  • Turnkey – Fabrication and Assembly of Structural Steel Components, Piping Fabrication, NDT, Pressure Testing and Industrial Coating of Steel and Pipe


  • Meter Skids, Separator Skids, MCC Building Skids, LACT Skids, Pump Skids, Condensate Skids, and Filter Skids
  • Production Equipment, and Reboilers

The Process

The process is different for every end product. Pipe fabrication is done with specific tools that differ from the tools used in structural steel fabrication. For example, there are additional steps, such as pressure testing, that’s required when producing pipe. Pipe fabrication is used to create necessary products that perform important tasks. Failure is not an option when pipe is being crafted.

Structural steel fabrication is unique in that multiple pieces of steel are fitted together to form a unique product. Custom stainless steel fabrication is used to create unique products to a customer’s exact dimensions. Welding in the fabrication process is important here too. It’s one of the ways that different pieces of steel are attached in order to form the finished product.

On the other hand, creating pipe is an entirely different process. It consists of bending, beveling, and cutting. Welding fabrication is still used to create pipe in many scenarios; however, pipe is often crafted from a single piece of steel instead of several pieces being put together. Welding is used when there’s no other option than using a fitting to put two pieces of pipe together. Unlike PVC pipe, which is held together with glue, steel pipe is welded directly to the fitted to create complex systems.

Normal fabrication makes use of tools like plasma torches, water jets, laser cutters, and other expensive equipment. The process of fabrication pipe uses tools such as pipe benders, pipe flangers, pipe jacks, cranes, rotating equipment, and much more. We can handle metal fabrication jobs, no matter the type, size, or material. We can even handle custom stainless steel fabrication for almost any product imaginable. We have the skills, the manpower, and the equipment for any job.

Our automated process ensure precision too. Our primary tools consist of three custom built computer numerical control machines. These handle cutting and profiling, creating products to their exact specifications. Our machines don’t only increase accuracy; they also increase our output quality, enabling us to ramp up production while maintain professional level quality.

The beam profiler is another tool that makes our fabrication possible. It can cut bolt holes with absolute precision, it has automated infeed and outfeed, and it completely eliminates pre-weld clean-up. It’s used alongside our laser cutters to do a job that simply isn’t possible otherwise.

In addition to fabrication, we can also offer coating services. We have over 30 years of experience when it comes to coating, and we can provide our services all over Western Canada. We can handle tank linings, vessel linings, pipeline weld coating, pipe coatings and much more. We are also NACE certified, guarenteeing hat the job gets done correctly and in a timely fashion.

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