Indigenous Relations


Indigenous Relations

STRAIT is committed to developing and maintaining long-term mutually beneficial relationships with Indigenous communities and organizations throughout Canada. We actively engage with communities in our principle operating areas in a collaborative manner, and where possible provide opportunities for employment, business development, and for community investment initiatives.

In the spirit of reconciliation, STRAIT recognizes the principles of the United Nations Declaration of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP) and respects the rights of Indigenous Peoples in Canada. STRAIT engages with Indigenous communities in a courteous manner and supports ethical resource development practices in Indigenous Traditional Territories, and on Treaty land. By supporting UNDRIP, STRAIT recognizes Indigenous peoples’ rights to use, develop, and control the lands and territories they possess; and, to pursue their inherent right to self-determination.  STRAIT acknowledges Truth and Reconciliation and the framework set out in Calls to Action # 92.  

STRAIT’s Indigenous Relations Policy applies the principles from UNDRIP into the policy formation and will set forth sustainable goals and targets, placing emphasis on the following areas: 

  • Engagement – We are committed to early engagement and recognize the importance of developing strong mutually beneficial relationships.  
  • Socioeconomic Participation – We engage with communities and give them opportunities to participate in social and economic development activities.  
  • Employment and Training  – Our employees participate in Indigenous Relations Training as part of their onboarding. STRAIT is committed to supporting employment and training opportunities with Indigenous peoples in the areas where we operate. Our ongoing target is to have up to 10% of our overall workforce represented by local Indigenous employees and implements ongoing recruitment through job fairs, resume workshops, and community engagement.   
  • Subcontracting, Vendor, and Procurement  - STRAIT is committed to engaging with Indigenous business owners and entrepreneurs to provide meaningful subcontracting, vendor, and procurement opportunities when work is not able to be performed by STRAIT directly.

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